Olive Oil Martini

If you’regoing to go through the trouble of making an Olive Oil Martini (which I think you should) be sure to have a party planned just around this cocktail, because now you are the mixologist in your friend group. I first had an “olive oil washed” gin martini at the restaurant, Margot in LA. I fell in love with martini’s from that day forward, and now this cocktail has risen in popularity over the years.


all units: U.S. Imperial


  • 1 750ml bottle of gin (Fords, Four Pillars London Dry)
  • 4oz or ¼ c high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • A few sprigs of rosemary or fresh fennel frond


  • 750 ml of olive oil infused gin
  • 3⁄4 cup (180 mL) of dry vermouth
  • 3⁄4 cup (180 mL) of bottled or filtered water
  • Garnishes: lemon twists, olives, cocktail onions


A few days before your planned soiree make the olive oil infused gin. In a large container sealable lid, pour in the gin, olive oil and shake vigorously. Then add in the herbs and allow to infuse on the counter for 12 hrs. 

Remove the herbs and pour the infused gin into a freezer safe container, for at least another 12hrs. The olive oil will freeze and separate from the gin. Remove from the freezer and quickly strain the gin through a very fine strainer. The point is to remove the olive oil solids from the gin for a clear liquid. You can repeat this process as necessary but keeping the mixture in the freezer helps the fat and alcohol separate.


Pour all ingredients in a glass flip-top bottle (these are essential in my house) and store in the fridge if using that evening, or freezer for longer storage. Be sure to leave a little extra room because the liquid might freeze slightly.

Remove from the fridge/freezer and set out for guests in an ice bucket, with martini glasses, and garnishes for a serve yourself martini bar.