The D.L. on O.M.

Sign Libra with Moon in Capricorn and Cancer Rising. Translation: An ambitious, hands-on, laid-back perfectionist who is nurturing, romantic, creative and excels at creating harmony in the universe. (Yup.)

Super Power I can pull it together and make it beautiful—on any budget, with any ingredients, I can set a scene, create a memorable experience, tell a story.

Motto If you burn it, throw it out, order pizza—and enjoy your evening!. The night will still be memorable. Your friends are there to spend time with you. 

Secret Weapon The Bormioli Rocco “Bodega” glass—incredibly durable and incredibly versatile: I use them for everything from cocktails to wine or water and for crudite and desserts chilled like panna cotta. 

Entertaining Ethos Boyfriend breaks up with you? Have a dinner party. It’s Saturday night? Have a dinner party. Fava beans are in season? Have a dinner party… You get the idea. Why go out when you can stay in?

Dream Collaboration Williams Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, RW Guild, Lulu & Georgia, Gabriela Hearst

Best Party (Ever) A party in Mallorca to celebrate a childhood friend's 30th birthday. All the guests were instructed to wear white; the table was done simply with white linens and small bud vases of white lilies. There were cigarettes in glass jars and chic lighters (it was Spain!). We sipped on negroni’s to kick the night off and danced until the last person was standing. The best part was the ease with which my friend's mother hosted this crowd of 30 guests: there was no stress and no extra staff, no big production. We set the table ourselves. The whole evening was so chic, elegant and (European) beachy. 

La Buona Tavola Layers, textures, colors and your own personal flair. No rules here. (But when in doubt: Candle light makes everything and everyone look good.)